2012 DevLearn Conference and Expo

With nearly 2,000 professionals, 86 exhibitors, and a diverse array of concurring sessions, 2012 DevLearn was one of the best ever. Not surprisingly, Dan Longhouse and Ben Palchick are still raving about the experience. While lucky gamming and witnessing Robert De Niro on the set of Last Vegas remain highlights, multiple lessons-learned always take center stage.

Here is a quick recap on the best of DevLearn:

  • Social Learning – Research found that nearly 90 percent of learning is informal and social. Learning from others provides personal benchmarking and supports cultural norms. Future professional development will focus on effective on-boarding, identifying existing areas of learning and putting plans in place to reinforce.
  • Tin Can API – As the successor of ADL’s SCORM, Tin Can API moves past the standard—score, passed, and completed—notion to present new ways to track experiential learning. Tin Can allows you to track mobile learning, game-based learning, and learning in social networks. While Tin Can’s full potential has yet to be realized, it will definitely be at the forefront.
  • User Experience – The industry is observing a paradigm shift to human centered design. Historically, eLearning courses took a utilitarian approach of delivering uninspiring slides of information that didn’t yield any real outcomes. Now we see multidisciplinary design methodologies converging to reach new goals. To be sure, the entire learning experience will be under review to ensure effective knowledge transfer.

What was your experience like? Anything to add? Leave us a note!

By LHT Learning
| December 11, 2012