7 Benefits to mLearning

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Today’s mobilized workforce is fundamentally changing everything—including eLearning. Three out of Five employees say they do not need an office to get things done. What’s more, 70 percent of mobile workers ages 22-34 use tablets. Accordingly, industries across all sectors are using Mobile eLearning, or mLearning, for a wide range of formats and applications.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself, “Do employees actually learn on-the-go?” Indisputably, the answer is yes, but mLearning adds so much more value.

Below are seven benefits to mLearning:

  1. Interactive Aids—Sales teams can use the same interactions to display developing products for engaging presentations.
  2. Policy Updates—Change is constant, especially in the policy world. BUT who has time to touch home base every time a new guideline is launched?
  3. Compliance Reviews—Regulations are complex. mLearning provides an on the spot reference book that can be updated on the go.
  4. Testing and Assessments—Bench marking is a critical instrument in any organization’s toolkit. mLearning permits data collection on a range of variables.
  5. Audio and Video—Get real time instructions from the experts—anytime, anywhere.
  6. Collecting Audience Feedback—Gauge presentation effectiveness immediately.
  7. FAQs—Provide detailed answers to the most challenging questions.

Without a doubt, the workforce is changing and mLearning allows your organization to evolve with them. Besides, does anyone really like spending his or her waking hours crammed into a cubical? Why wait, liberate your employees today with mLearning!

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By LHT Learning
| August 21, 2012