Are Compliance Shortcuts Okay During a Pandemic?

Compliance policies and procedures are established to protect people and organizations. Even in unforeseen circumstances, businesses must not take compliance shortcuts.

High-quality compliance training and communication serve as a foundation for ethical and compliant business decisions, particularly during times of stress. Proactive and frequent compliance messaging can help employees feel empowered to act quickly and confidentially without creating unnecessary risk.

Even if your team already uses eLearning for core or annual compliance training, think about what additional compliance training or digital resources your employees need right now.

Could your sales reps benefit from a short video reminding them of anti-kickback guidelines?

While your quality team is busy ensuring products get out the door, how could a virtual instructor-led session about working with global third parties help?

Would an interactive policy guide support your R&D team as they research new ways to help healthcare patients?

Whether it’s adherence to stay-at-home guidance or federal and state laws, compliance—and clear compliance communication—is now more important than ever.

By LHT Learning
| March 31, 2020