Top 100 Healthcare Compliance Topics

healthcare compliance topics

Healthcare compliance topics encompass a wide range of legal and ethical areas of focus as they apply to healthcare organizations. The practice of HCC is part of an organization’s governance, risk management, and compliance efforts (GRC). A variety of federal and state governmental organizations regulate healthcare compliance topics, including DEA, FDA, HCC and OIG.  Top 100 […]

How Learning Solutions Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Especially for Busy Healthcare Companies Healthcare compliance is complex. LHT empowers busy companies by creating innovative learning solutions that reduce risk.  But, how do learning solutions reduce risk?  Effective learning solutions reduce risk by:  Mitigating a company’s unique risks Explaining critical compliance concepts in plain language  Presenting relevant policies alongside real-world situations  Embedding compliance in […]

The LHT Group Is Now LHT Learning

LHT Learning Logo

The LHT Group is now LHT Learning. New name, same team committed to digital learning solutions that deliver wow. Since 2003, LHT has helped our clients construct outside-the-box digital learning solutions that deliver measurable business impact. Based out of central Ohio, our virtual team has partnered with over 150 clients and completed over 2,000 successful training projects.  […]

Custom eLearning Advantages

Custom eLearning

How Custom eLearning Can Bring New Life to Your Training Needs Companies today are tasked with unique challenges. The last thing your team needs is dated and dull training that doesn’t stick or generate results—that’s where custom eLearning comes in.  Custom eLearning solutions take traditional methods and materials and transform them into engaging and accessible […]

What is Microlearning?


4 Ways Microlearning Can Enhance Your Business’ Training Methods Microlearning is a learning method that breaks down information and training into bite-sized content for learners and presents it in a quick and engaging format. The small, easily digestible learning components help employees take in new or reinforce old material in a convenient and efficient way. […]