Interactive PDFs in eLearning: When, Why, and How to Use Them

interactive PDFs in eLearning

What Are Interactive PDFs in eLearning?  Most people think of PDFs as static, no-frills text documents. However, when combined with interactive components, PDFs can be used as an effective eLearning tool. Many companies have begun taking advantage of PDFs for employee training, increasing interactivity with elements such as: Click-to-reveal Dropdowns Buttons Hover effects Hyperlinks Embedded audio […]

How to Manage Scientific and Commercial Interactions

scientific and commercial interactions

Navigating the relationship between science/medicine and commercial interests can be tricky. For most pharmaceutical companies, this boils down to the relationship between the company’s medical science liaisons (MSLs) and commercial sales and marketing teams. Although they occupy vastly different roles within the company, each group is critically important to the company’s success. However, because of […]

Why Successful Companies Invest in OT Cybersecurity Training

OT cybersecurity training

When it comes to OT cybersecurity, investing in secure software will only get you so far. OT cyberattacks come in many forms, so in addition to the digital element, your company needs to prepare for attacks targeting the human element of your business, AKA, your employees. The #1 way to accomplish this?—OT cybersecurity training.  Discover the many […]

How to Fight Back Against OT Cyberattacks

ot cyberattack

As our world grows increasingly digital, businesses need to prepare for the potential dangers posed to their data and technology. In particular, operational technology (OT) cyberattacks are on the rise, targeting systems in manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and more. To combat the destructive financial, operational, and reputational effects of OT cyberattacks, businesses need strong OT cybersecurity systems to […]

Why Your Company Needs Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity

OT cybersecurity

Operational Technology (OT): The Basics Operational technology (OT) is the hardware and software that monitors and controls industrial operations. These operations include the physical processes and equipment needed to keep critical infrastructure running smoothly. Operational technology spans a wide range of different industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, government, research, and more. Here are a […]

Strong Third-Party Compliance Training: Tips and Best Practices

third-party compliance training

Strong Third-Party Compliance Training: Tips and Best Practices (Third-Party Risk Series Part 3 of 3) After you’ve identified where your company is susceptible to third-party risk and properly assessed your vendors, your company is finally ready to move on to third-party risk management. Essentially, third-party risk management requires taking the knowledge you gained from your third-party risk identification […]

How to Conduct a Third-Party Risk Assessment

third-party risk assessment

How to Conduct a Third-Party Risk Assessment (Third-Party Risk Series Part 2 of 3) Third-party partnerships are essential for doing business effectively and efficiently. However, given the numerous risks associated with third parties, figuring out who to work with can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are several strategies to narrow down your focus and properly assess […]

How to Identify Third-Party Risk

third-party risk

How to Identify Third-Party Risk (Third-Party Risk Series Part 1 of 3) It’s complicated enough to manage your own company’s risk, let alone risks caused by third parties. But without a proper understanding of third-party risks, your company is ill-prepared to mitigate its potential dangers.  To help your company reduce its overall risk, we’re creating […]