LHT Learning Honored with Three Horizon Awards for Creative Training

Horizon Award-Winning Learning Solutions Recently, LHT Learning was honored to receive three Horizon Awards for our creative training and eLearning solutions. The Horizon Interactive Awards is one of the most prestigious web design awards, receiving thousands of global submissions every year. Awards are judged by a panel of experts in graphic design, advertising, marketing, and […]

PhRMA Code Update: What Do I Need To Know?

PhRMA Code Update

The latest PhRMA Code update took effect on January 1, 2022. Find out the latest updates and what they mean for your business.   What Prompted the PhRMA Code Update? The newest updates to the PhRMA Code respond to Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) special fraud alert about HCP speaker programs. The alert warns that […]

Training Simulation For Customer Relations Oil Change

Training Simulation

Unlike other training where processes are taught one step at a time, a recent oil and gas client worked with us to create a challenging training simulation.   The training simulation was part of a comprehensive technician support program that included instructor-led and hands-on training. The in-person training was completed prior to the training simulation, […]

Code of Conduct Training, With A Twist

Code of Conduct Training

A Code of Conduct is compliance backbone of any large organization. It provides the foundation for all employees to operate from. A well-written Code of Conduct clarifies an organization’s values and links them to standards of professional conduct and day-to-day behavior. A well-executed Code of Conduct training puts the words into action.   Code of […]

Award-Winning Training Creating Defined Results

Industry leaders continue to recognize LHT Learning as an immeasurable force within learning and development. Producing over 50 award-winning training experiences within the last few years alone, LHT Learning continues to drive innovation and results. Award-winning custom digital learning programs have been recognized by Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards, Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, Horizon […]

LHT Learning Honored with Three Davey Awards for Creativity and Results

LHT Learning, a training and learning experience provider, was recently awarded with three Davey Awards. The Davey Awards is the largest and most prestigious awards competition established exclusively for small, creative organizations. The Davey Awards are judged by top-tier media, advertising, and marketing professionals from leading organizations such as Disney, Microsoft, Publicis, and many more. […]

Remote Onboarding: 3 Steps to Success

remote onboarding

Remote Onboarding: 3 Steps to Success Creating an Effective Virtual Plan Onboarding new employees virtually requires a strategic approach. It is essential in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Whether your organization is new to remote work or seasoned professionals, ensuring a smooth remote onboarding experience continues to be a challenge for most. Ensuring new hires seamlessly […]

How to Ensure Employees Remember Training

How to Ensure Employees Remember Training When investing in training initiatives, company leaders want to know one thing, “How do we ensure employees remember training?” They want to know how to make training “stick.” Learning is not a one-time event. It’s a continuous journey. Whether training is related to a system implementation or department new […]

What is Global Trade Compliance?

What is Global Trade Compliance?  Global trade compliance encompasses the way in which goods are imported and exported across country borders. Countries have unique and varied import and export laws and regulations. Trade compliance training is a critical need for international organizations. Successful employee awareness and guidance to cross-border interactions are key to avoiding costly […]