What Is Insider Trading? Common Causes and Solutions

insider trading

What Is Insider Trading? Illegal insider trading is an ever-present risk for any publicly traded company. While company insiders—corporate officers, directors, 10% stockholders, and other individuals with nonpublic company knowledge—are allowed to buy and sell stock, they are not allowed to make trading decisions based on material nonpublic information. Use of material nonpublic information may […]

A Triple Score at the Communicator Awards

communicator awards

LHT Learning Takes Home Three Communicator Awards LHT Learning closed out the 2022 awards season with three more Communicator Award wins. Our team is humbled and honored to receive such high recognition for our eLearning courses and training videos. Now in its 28th year, The Communicator Awards recognizes communication excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across a […]

Five Topics You Need for Successful Ethical Communication Training

ethical communication training

How Ethical Communication Training Can Help Your Company We’ve gone through the importance of communication ethics and the impact of ethical communication gone wrong. But how does a company actually implement a strong culture of ethics? To answer this question, we’re highlighting a key feature of successful, compliant businesses everywhere—ethical communication training. Do I Need […]

Three Years of Outstanding Custom Content Recognition

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LHT Learning Selected as a 2022 Custom Content Development Watch List Company For the third year in a row, LHT is honored to announce our position on Training Industry’s Custom Content Development Watch List. This recognition shines a light on our creative training solutions as well as our continued commitment to excellence over the years. […]

How Unethical Communication Can Destroy Your Business

unethical communication

How Unethical Communication Can Destroy Your Business We know that communicating ethically is essential for every business. But what happens when a business, either accidentally or intentionally, lapses into unethical communication? To answer this question, we’re learning by example. Join us as we examine the history of a major pharmaceutical company and how its lack […]

Ethical Communication and Its Importance: A Simple Guide

ethical communication

The Importance of Ethical Communication (Ethical Communication Series Part 1 of 3) Ethical communication is essential for upholding a strong culture of compliance in the workplace. When done correctly, ethical communications can bolster your company’s character and decrease overall risk. However, when ethics are cast aside, businesses can face severe financial, legal, and reputational costs. […]

Strong Code of Ethical Conduct Training: A Client Story

code of ethical conduct

Code of Ethical Conduct Training in Practice: A Client Story (Code of Conduct Series Part 3 of 3) In our Code of Conduct series, we’ve taken you through creating your code of conduct as well as adapting it into an effective training program. Now, for the final addition to our series, we’re going to show you what effective […]

6 Useful Tips for Creating Code of Conduct Training

code of conduct training

Adapting Your Code of Conduct into Effective Training (Code of Conduct Series Part 2 of 3) So you’ve created and updated your code of conduct — now what?  If you haven’t already, consider operationalizing your written code of conduct by incorporating it into your employee compliance training. Until people know how to act in accordance with […]

Time to Create or Update Your Code of Conduct?

code of conduct

Time to Create or Update Your Code of Conduct? (Code of Conduct Series Part 1 of 3) Despite sitting at the cornerstone of almost every company, the code of conduct has received a bad reputation. While some may stereotype codes of conduct as dull and out of touch, effective codes of conduct are none of […]

What Is Gamification?: 10 Reasons to Level-Up Your Training Program


What is Gamification? Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and dynamics to non-game activities in order to increase participant engagement and motivation. These game elements come in many forms: Storylines: Creating a narrative arc with characters, conflict, and resolution helps immerse the player in the activity. Personalization: Allowing players to select, name, and customize avatars […]