What is Social Media Compliance?

What Is Social Media Compliance and Why You Need to Train On It Now What is Social Media Compliance? Social media compliance is the process of making sure that a company’s social media accounts and personal social media accounts of their employees comply with the company’s policies and all laws and regulations within the company’s […]

LHT Learning Included in the 2020 Training Industry Top Training Companies Lists: Custom Content Development

LHT Learning is honored to be included in the Training Industry selections for the 2020 Top Training Companies lists for the custom content development sector of the learning and development (L&D) market. LHT was recognized for the innovative learning solutions we provide to our global clients. Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, […]

What Is Virtual Reality Training: The Wow and Why of VR Training

What is Virtual Reality Training? Virtual Reality training uses 3D-generated images to create interactive digital scenarios that immerse a user into a virtual learning environment. These engaging, 360° simulations allow users to move about and interact with simulated real-world tools, machinery, and instructors in a virtual setting that looks, sounds, and feels just like the […]

Mapping Your Post-Pandemic Learning Needs

As the world slowly turns to plan what life looks like post-pandemic, as should your assessment of your organization’s learning needs. Here are seven steps to consider as you map out what your post-pandemic learning needs may be. Assess Your Audience Consider if your team is: Frustrated and anxious? Overworked and exhausted? Eager and excited? […]

Free Custom Learning Recommendation

Need training but don’t know where to start? Answer three questions and receive a FREE custom learning recommendation within 24 hours.  Organizations of all kinds use training to shape their employees and the way their business runs. The problem is that a lot of training programs feel dull or dated. Even worse, they often are not customized […]

Don’t Eat on a Conference Call and Other Remote Work Best Practices

Think your coworkers don’t hear the seemingly subtle crunch of your afternoon snack? Or, perhaps they don’t notice in the webcam that the shirt you have on is the same one you slept in? Here’s a secret: they do notice, and it’s impacting how they perceive your work. While our team at LHT has always worked remotely, […]

Drive-Thru eLearning

Just like fast food, employees should be able to access eLearning when they need it and be able to use it—right away. Roadblocks to eLearning Access Access to training has historically been a challenge for many employees. Roadblocks are created from the get-go: finding the link to the company learning management system (LMS), remembering the login […]

How Grocery Stores Use Rapid Training

Almost overnight, grocery stores of all kinds provided new services, such as curbside pickup, online ordering, contact-free delivery, or grocery cart sanitation stations—and they used rapid training to make this happen. Without warning, consumers had to change the way they bought food for their families, and grocery stores needed to change with them. To provide new services […]

What K-12 eLearning Can Teach Corporate Learning Teams

K-12 schools across the country have transitioned to eLearning, and corporate learning teams need to pay attention. While there are certainly differences between adult and adolescent learning approaches, K-12 eLearning uses several training concepts to provide content, increase knowledge, and encourage action. Corporate learning teams can apply these same learning concepts in understanding a large volume of […]

Top Training Honors at Horizon Interactive Awards

LHT Learning received top training honors in the Horizon Interactive Awards, bringing home three gold awards and one silver award, for outstanding compliance training, code of conduct training, product training, and trademark process training. With over 800 entries from around the world in 2019 alone, LHT’s award-winning training programs were evaluated for UX/design, creativity, technical solution, messaging, […]