Strong Code of Ethical Conduct Training: A Client Story

code of ethical conduct

Code of Ethical Conduct Training in Practice: A Client Story (Code of Conduct Series Part 3 of 3) In our Code of Conduct series, we’ve taken you through creating your code of conduct as well as adapting it into an effective training program. Now, for the final addition to our series, we’re going to show you what effective […]

Training Simulation For Customer Relations Oil Change

Training Simulation

Unlike other training where processes are taught one step at a time, a recent oil and gas client worked with us to create a challenging training simulation.   The training simulation was part of a comprehensive technician support program that included instructor-led and hands-on training. The in-person training was completed prior to the training simulation, […]

Top 125 Winner and Hall of Fame Inductee

eLearning Sounds from Soundsmack

Columbus, Ohio November 18 — The LHT Group, a company dedicated to the custom development of corporate training, sends a special congratulations to Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) for being one of Training magazine’s 2014 Top 125 Winners and Hall of Fame Inductees.

2013 ASTD BEST Valvoline Instant Oil Change

It is official; Valvoline Instant Oil Change is one of the 2013 ASTD BEST. Award winners are selected by their excellence in many areas of organization learning. As ASTD BEST says, these include:

Valvoline Instant Oil Change is one of the BEST for Training

Congratulations are due for a THIRD TIME to Valvoline Instant Oil Change! For the second year in a row, VIOC is a finalist for ASTD BEST award based on outstanding employee trainings. This is in addition to VIOC achieving the prestigious top level training certification only months earlier.

Valvoline Achieves Top-Level Training Certification

Congratulations once again to Valvoline Instant Oil Change! First, Valvoline achieves the prestigious 2012 ASTD BEST award, and now the stringent Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) certification by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). With more than a half-decade of creating eLearning with Valvoline, we are ecstatic for their recognition by one of the most rigorous […]

Zombies, Social Media, and Compliance

This week The LHT Group kicked-off a Social Media compliance project for a major Health Care organization. The team set a goal to shed light on the brain-eating threats of social media misuse,

Valvoline Receives Major Learning Award: 2012 ASTD BEST

Congratulations to the 2012 ASTD BEST award winner, Valvoline Instant Oil Change!! After a half-decade of creating eLearning with Valvoline, we are excited for their recognition by one of the world’s largest professional training associations dedicated to workplace learning and development.