Why Successful Companies Invest in OT Cybersecurity Training

OT cybersecurity training

When it comes to OT cybersecurity, investing in secure software will only get you so far. OT cyberattacks come in many forms, so in addition to the digital element, your company needs to prepare for attacks targeting the human element of your business, AKA, your employees. The #1 way to accomplish this?—OT cybersecurity training.  Discover the many […]

Strong Third-Party Compliance Training: Tips and Best Practices

third-party compliance training

Strong Third-Party Compliance Training: Tips and Best Practices (Third-Party Risk Series Part 3 of 3) After you’ve identified where your company is susceptible to third-party risk and properly assessed your vendors, your company is finally ready to move on to third-party risk management. Essentially, third-party risk management requires taking the knowledge you gained from your third-party risk identification […]

Five Topics You Need for Successful Ethical Communication Training

ethical communication training

How Ethical Communication Training Can Help Your Company We’ve gone through the importance of communication ethics and the impact of ethical communication gone wrong. But how does a company actually implement a strong culture of ethics? To answer this question, we’re highlighting a key feature of successful, compliant businesses everywhere—ethical communication training. Do I Need […]

6 Useful Tips for Creating Code of Conduct Training

code of conduct training

Adapting Your Code of Conduct into Effective Training (Code of Conduct Series Part 2 of 3) So you’ve created and updated your code of conduct — now what?  If you haven’t already, consider operationalizing your written code of conduct by incorporating it into your employee compliance training. Until people know how to act in accordance with […]

How Learning Solutions Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Especially for Busy Healthcare Companies Healthcare compliance is complex. LHT empowers busy companies by creating innovative learning solutions that reduce risk.  But, how do learning solutions reduce risk?  Effective learning solutions reduce risk by:  Mitigating a company’s unique risks Explaining critical compliance concepts in plain language  Presenting relevant policies alongside real-world situations  Embedding compliance in […]

4 Ways Compliance Guidance Becomes Business Reality

Compliance Guidance Becomes Business Reality

Aligning compliance guidance and internal controls must keep pace with the actual reality of employee business decisions. The SEC recently shared a Coronavirus compliance risk alert and it emphasizes the importance of policies and procedures actually guiding employee behavior. Here are four methods to try to be sure what your compliance team is doing actually […]

Small Compliance Teams Make Big Impact

small compliance team big impact

Your compliance team analyzes risk assessment results, communicates policy changes, responds to monitoring reports, and so much more. With such a broad scope of responsibilities, how do small compliance teams make a big impact? Whether your compliance team has two people or twenty, you can achieve regional and global organizational impact by connecting with partners […]

How to Convert Compliance SOPs to Interactive Training

clinical training

Compliance SOPs: The Rarely Read Backbone of an Effective Compliance Program While rarely read or even referenced by most employees, compliance Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the backbone of an effective compliance program. Compliance SOP concepts can become front-and-center, though, by discovering how to convert compliance SOPs into interactive training. Compliance SOPs and policies are […]