Top 100 Healthcare Compliance Topics

healthcare compliance topics

Healthcare compliance topics encompass a wide range of legal and ethical areas of focus as they apply to healthcare organizations. The practice of HCC is part of an organization’s governance, risk management, and compliance efforts (GRC). A variety of federal and state governmental organizations regulate healthcare compliance topics, including DEA, FDA, HCC and OIG.  Top 100 […]

What is Global Trade Compliance?

What is Global Trade Compliance?  Global trade compliance encompasses the way in which goods are imported and exported across country borders. Countries have unique and varied import and export laws and regulations. Trade compliance training is a critical need for international organizations. Successful employee awareness and guidance to cross-border interactions are key to avoiding costly […]

What is Social Media Compliance?

What Is Social Media Compliance and Why You Need to Train On It Now What is Social Media Compliance? Social media compliance is the process of making sure that a company’s social media accounts and personal social media accounts of their employees comply with the company’s policies and all laws and regulations within the company’s […]

Are Compliance Shortcuts Okay During a Pandemic?

Compliance policies and procedures are established to protect people and organizations. Even in unforeseen circumstances, businesses must not take compliance shortcuts. High-quality compliance training and communication serve as a foundation for ethical and compliant business decisions, particularly during times of stress. Proactive and frequent compliance messaging can help employees feel empowered to act quickly and […]

LHT Group Expands Expertise in Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Writing

Board of Editors in the Life Sciences BELS

The LHT Group welcomes our newest member, Kate Matthews, MA, ELS! Kate is a board certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) and has 15+ years of domestic and international experience working in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries including clinical, medical, and compliance writing.

Zombies, Social Media, and Compliance

This week The LHT Group kicked-off a Social Media compliance project for a major Health Care organization. The team set a goal to shed light on the brain-eating threats of social media misuse,