How to Ensure Employees Remember Training

How to Ensure Employees Remember Training When investing in training initiatives, company leaders want to know one thing, “How do we ensure employees remember training?” They want to know how to make training “stick.” Learning is not a one-time event. It’s a continuous journey. Whether training is related to a system implementation or department new […]

4 Corporate Training Trends To Try Now

4 Corporate Training Trends and Why You Need to Try Them Disruptive Corporate Training Trends The move to digital is certainly not a new in corporate training trends, but what is new—and maybe disruptively so—is that workplace learning is moving to the cloud, becoming accessible across multiple devices and teaching environments often being generated, shared, […]

Employees Won’t Remember What You Teach Them Once

17 repetitions? 20 hours? How long does it take you to learn a new skill? Regardless of your answer, it’s certainly not going to be, “Once.” Yet, organizations repeatedly expect employees to retain new information or apply new behaviors after a single learning event. Quality learning experiences that include scenario-based learning, gamification, and meaningful interactions […]

Emerging Trends in Organization Development

The Organizational Development Forum invited Dan Longhouse to speak on emerging trends in custom employee training. Presenting to some of the region’s top employers, Dan provided a cross-section of the most effective approaches to eLearning. If you didn’t attend, here’s what you missed: