Interactive PDFs in eLearning: When, Why, and How to Use Them

interactive PDFs in eLearning

What Are Interactive PDFs in eLearning?  Most people think of PDFs as static, no-frills text documents. However, when combined with interactive components, PDFs can be used as an effective eLearning tool. Many companies have begun taking advantage of PDFs for employee training, increasing interactivity with elements such as: Click-to-reveal Dropdowns Buttons Hover effects Hyperlinks Embedded audio […]

Custom eLearning Advantages

Custom eLearning

How Custom eLearning Can Bring New Life to Your Training Needs Companies today are tasked with unique challenges. The last thing your team needs is dated and dull training that doesn’t stick or generate results—that’s where custom eLearning comes in.  Custom eLearning solutions take traditional methods and materials and transform them into engaging and accessible […]

What is Microlearning?


4 Ways Microlearning Can Enhance Your Business’ Training Methods Microlearning is a learning method that breaks down information and training into bite-sized content for learners and presents it in a quick and engaging format. The small, easily digestible learning components help employees take in new or reinforce old material in a convenient and efficient way. […]

Drive-Thru eLearning

Just like fast food, employees should be able to access eLearning when they need it and be able to use it—right away. Roadblocks to eLearning Access Access to training has historically been a challenge for many employees. Roadblocks are created from the get-go: finding the link to the company learning management system (LMS), remembering the login […]

What K-12 eLearning Can Teach Corporate Learning Teams

K-12 schools across the country have transitioned to eLearning, and corporate learning teams need to pay attention. While there are certainly differences between adult and adolescent learning approaches, K-12 eLearning uses several training concepts to provide content, increase knowledge, and encourage action. Corporate learning teams can apply these same learning concepts in understanding a large volume of […]

Handwashing and Compliance eLearning: Take Complex Messages and Make Them Simple

Whether in a public health handwashing campaign or compliance eLearning, clear messaging is critical. Complex concepts, like the epidemiological studies recognizing the importance of proper hygiene in minimizing the associated risk of disease-inducing microorganisms, can often be stated in simple terms—wash your hands to decrease the spread of germs. Seem far-fetched? It’s not. Take a […]

Team Members Wearing Multiple Hats? How eLearning Can Help

Shrinking budgets and expanding roles result in employees with many jobs and responsibilities. Targeted eLearning can help employees identify priorities and accomplish more, with less (time, money, people). Company X has nine marketing analysts and three project managers. Budgets are cut, and project managers are let go. The analysts now need to manage their own […]

3 Things You Need to Get Started with Rapid eLearning

Do you have a suddenly remote workforce? Your instructor-led training and live events can still take place through rapid eLearning and virtual training. Watch this 90-second video to learn how to accelerate quick and effective rapid eLearning conversions. Remote learning can help ease the transition to achieving business results from a distance. Rapid eLearning quickly […]

How to Find the Right Custom eLearning Vendor Among a Sea of Look-Alikes

By Todd Hines   Many custom eLearning vendors look alike. How do you find a training partner that will help you achieve your business goals? Internet search results yield hundreds of results, all claiming to have creative graphics and innovative learning technology. The first article in this series focused on scoping a custom eLearning project […]

How to Scope Custom eLearning Projects to Achieve Business Results

By Ben Palchick The value of custom eLearning lies in its ability to help achieve business goals. Business objectives are met by knowing what you are working towards and communicating that to others. Custom eLearning is crafted; it’s unique. This type of specialty training has the opportunity to generate results, but only if you are […]