How Does Your Learning Staff Stack Up?

Learning staff

Ensure Your Learning Team Can Get the Job Done A team, of any kind, must aim for the same goal to be successful; your learning staff is no different. Learning staff must have the instructional, visual, and development skills and resources available to deliver learning experiences that make an impact in your organization. Custom staff […]

A Fresh Set of Eyes With Contract Instructional Design

contract instructional design

Expert Instructional Design Saves Time and Money Company instructional designers must see content through a lens that business partners cannot. Contract instructional design resources, though, are able to fine-tune this vision through a fresh set of eyes and bring your content to life. Outsourced instructional designers can effectively come in and make the most of […]

Skyrocket Productivity with Outsourced Training Developers

outsourced training development

How well does your company training developer know the ins and outs of the latest technology and how to create learning experiences that use them? If answering anything other than “they are experts!” it may be time to consider outsourced training developers. Outsourced training developers can jump into an organization, support a specific training initiative, […]