Strong Code of Ethical Conduct Training: A Client Story

code of ethical conduct

Code of Ethical Conduct Training in Practice: A Client Story (Code of Conduct Series Part 3 of 3)

In our Code of Conduct series, we’ve taken you through creating your code of conduct as well as adapting it into an effective training program. Now, for the final addition to our series, we’re going to show you what effective code of ethical conduct training looks like in action.

Recently, a global healthcare services company tasked LHT with creating innovative code of conduct training. Preparing for new acquisitions, the company needed introductory training that brought workers together under a single unified code of ethical conduct. With that in mind, it was critical for the training to speak to employees across every department and region— particularly those in manufacturing operations.

To meet this need, we collaborated with the client to craft a training module that distills the company’s code of ethical conduct into key points. The resulting course is a unique blend of artistic design, technological innovation, and current training development standards.

Course Format & Style

The training was customized to look like a digital storybook, allowing employees to flip through pages, open flaps, and pull pop-up tabs. 

These interactive effects generate visual and narrative interest through a familiar “storybook feel.” Because the training course is reminiscent of a real book, it feels more personal and memorable to the learner. The flipbook even incorporates real images from the company’s worksites to further customize the training and increase its relevance.

The training offers multi-modal engagement through audio narration, transcriptions, and video animations. By taking a varied approach, the training seeks to appeal to and engage all different kinds of learners. Lastly, as a global company, the client wanted the training to be accessible for employees all over the world. As such, LHT managed translating the course into multiple languages so the company could distribute it worldwide.

Course Content

To begin, the training sets the scene for why employees must complete the code of honor training. More specifically, it emphasizes the company’s dedication to workplace ethics. This message is further underscored with a video letter from the company’s president, setting the “tone from the top” and demonstrating to learners the importance of compliance.

As learners progress through a series of interactive pages, the company’s mission and values set the foundation for ethical conduct and compliance. Additionally, the course features perspectives from employees across all company levels, allowing learners to clearly visualize their responsibility to exemplify company values. Not only that, but the training stresses the potential dangers of ethical misconduct for both employees and the company.

After familiarizing the learners with the code of ethical conduct’s principles, the training tests learner knowledge with pop-quiz questions. Designed to apply the code’s guidelines to potential real-life scenarios, the questions allow learners to consider what they would do if they were put in a similar situation. If the learner answers incorrectly, the training reveals why the answer was incorrect and guides learners towards the more appropriate choice. As a result, employees will have a relevant example to look back on for future on-the-job applications.

Even with several real-world examples, it’s impossible for a single training course to prepare learners for every possible workplace compliance issue. That’s why it’s crucial to connect them with resources to help them navigate any uncertainties they might encounter. To wrap up, the training urges employees to reach out to their Compliance and Legal team with any questions or concerns. The course then connects learners to the relevant contact email, reporting hotline number, as well as a downloadable copy of the company’s code of conduct. 

On the final page of the training, employees can certify their completion and understanding of the course. This provides companies with digital proof that employees received comprehensive compliance training and are committed to reporting any actual or potential compliance violations they may encounter.

Code of Ethical Conduct Training Impact

Ultimately, the training was a successful addition to the company’s compliance program. With the new business acquisitions underway, the course united old and new workers under a common code of ethical conduct. The training clearly explained and reinforced how it is part of every worker’s job to follow the code and uphold compliance in the workplace. Using what they learned, employees could feel confident and prepared to enact the company’s mission and values.

In terms of critical reception, the training was met with positive client learner feedback. The course even won multiple gold awards for best advance in compliance training and education. In short, the results show that good ethics training is both an effective and entertaining way to learn.

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By LHT Learning
| May 2, 2022