Code of Conduct Training, With A Twist

Code of Conduct Training

Code of Conduct Training

A Code of Conduct is compliance backbone of any large organization. It provides the foundation for all employees to operate from. A well-written Code of Conduct clarifies an organization’s values and links them to standards of professional conduct and day-to-day behavior. A well-executed Code of Conduct training puts the words into action.


Code of Conduct training provides an opportunity to explain an organization’s ethical behavior principles and engage employees in scenarios in which they can practice applying them. It is typically a component of a comprehensive compliance training program. 


Our client needed a way to explain their revised Code of Conduct to all associates, across many levels of the organization. The training needed to resonate with and engage leaders and those on the shop floor.


A custom scavenger hunt-style, animated eLearning program was created to meet this need. In the training, learners explore a town, listening to podcasts, observing various scenarios, and completing challenges, in order to collect items in their backpack. The result is an exciting story-based game in which learners can see how small details can make a big difference in ethical behavior and decision making. This project won an award for its innovation, design, and results.


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By LHT Learning
| November 15, 2021