Compliance Training Provides Opportunity to Address Top Compliance Risks

By Ben Palchick

Thank you Bloomberg Law for the informative webinar about the top compliance risks facing today’s in-house counsel. Bloomberg Law also noted how compliance training can provide an opportunity to address these risks. 

Compliance officers are certainly challenged with an ever-increasing scope of responsibilities and changing guidelines. What was clear from this presentation is that GDPR, cybersecurity, privacy, and 3rd party FCPA risks remain as top compliance concerns and targeted areas of federal government enforcement actions. To mitigate these risks, compliance officers should aim to naturally integrate compliant behaviors into the culture of an organization. One way to do this is through effective administration of training, particularly robust new hire training, annual refresher training, and role-specific training on these risk areas and other key compliance concepts. 

LHT Learning has recently helped several healthcare and energy companies with GDPR, cybersecurity, privacy, and 3rd party intermediary training programs. These training programs have used gaming and scenario-based training elements to help employees not only understand these complex topic areas, but connect that information to their day-to-day jobs, and ultimately minimize compliance risk.

By LHT Learning
| September 11, 2019