A Fresh Set of Eyes With Contract Instructional Design

contract instructional design

contract instructional design

Expert Instructional Design Saves Time and Money

Company instructional designers must see content through a lens that business partners cannot. Contract instructional design resources, though, are able to fine-tune this vision through a fresh set of eyes and bring your content to life. Outsourced instructional designers can effectively come in and make the most of your employee’s limited time for training; saving you time and money.

When to Consider Outsourcing Instructional Design

Designers of any learning experience, small or large, blended or virtual, must be able to identify the goal of the training and how to get there. And, they must perform a wide variety of skills in order to do so.

In many organizations, functional area professionals across sales, operations, compliance, or human resources are asked to perform this training work in addition to their day-to-day roles.

Contract instructional designers, though, are experts in learning experience and design. They work with business partners to identify the knowledge gap or application. Then, they write and create content presentations in the most effective and efficient way.

Expert Instructional Design Skillset

Specifically, contract instructional design resources are experts in:

  • Content analysis
  • Content curation
  • Content display techniques
  • Assessment writing
  • SME partnerships
  • Audience analysis
  • Training goal identification
  • Learner experience techniques
  • Video script writing
  • Technical writing
  • Corporate communication
  • Learner evaluation and analytics
  • Performance enhancement

And the best part? This broad skill set can be applied to any type of organization or industry. If your team is not currently ready, willing, or able to perform this type of work, you may want to consider outsourcing.

Contemporary Learning Design

Contemporary learning designers must be able to identify employee challenges and the best way to solve them, without worrying about accomplishing non-training related tasks. They can effectively and efficiently gather, analyze, and synthesize content. Then, by zeroing in on what is most relevant to the learner, instructional designers implement adult learning best practices to get the training effort moving.

Outsourced training writers know exactly how to grab an employee’s already short attention and make the most of their limited time for training. By writing with a targeted voice, they can break down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks of information and create interactions, infographics, video, and gaming concepts that enable the information to come to life.

Whether the final deliverable is eLearning, microlearning, virtual instructor-led training, video, or virtual reality, contracted training writers and designers, deliver training results beyond your team’s current capacity.

By LHT Learning
| February 25, 2021