Selecting an eLearning Provider


Selecting an eLearning Provider – Why LHT Group?

We’re often asked, “What separates LHT Group from other eLearning companies?” Instead of giving you a typical elevator speech, we thought it would be best to let our clients answer the question, and we invite you to speak with our clients and ask them for yourself!

“Strong long-lasting partnerships.” Many of our clients have worked with LHT Group for 5 to 10 years, and we are extremely proud that they continue to partner with us. One loyal client has worked with us at five different companies! We truly care about our clients, and we take the time to understand why you’re creating eLearning. The better we understand your company culture, products, and services, the more creative we can be. We always let folks know that we’re not a vendor; we’re a partner that wants to see you succeed!

“Creative and innovative ideas.” Not all eLearning courses are created equal. Creating impactful eLearning courses is both an art and a science. The LHT Group doesn’t use a formulaic approach or cookie-cutter solutions. Rather, our team works with you to define your specific eLearning objectives and to develop custom eLearning courses that are engaging and effective.

“Flexible, scalable partner.” If you need something that we don’t offer, we’ll figure out how to solve the problem. We’re dynamic and flexible so we can grow quickly based on your needs. One hundred eLearning courses translated into Spanish in the next few months? No problem! Our large network of partners allows us to meet aggressive deadlines and large-scale deliverables while ensuring you get the highest quality work possible.

“Focus on true craftsmanship.” We have highly skilled folks who hold degrees in their areas of expertise and who put their skills together as a team to create industry-leading products. LHT Group team members consist of:

  • Graphic designers with bachelor’s degrees in graphic design
  • Programmers with computer science and/or computer engineering degrees
  • Game developers that specialize in building games for computer and mobile
  • Certified authoring tool developers (Lectora, Storyline, Articulate, Adobe Captivate, etc.)
  • Technical writers with bachelor’s degree in English and average of 20 years of experience
  • Instructional designers with master’s degrees and PhDs in adult learning theory and education-related fields to promote behavior change

“Cutting edge of eLearning and technology.” This is where we excel, and it’s one of the reasons behind our success. We jump at every opportunity to use new technology. Whether it’s building games, the latest releases in web development and HTML5, or creating educational tools on mobile devices, we are always looking to creatively apply it to educational products. Further, our team members regularly attend the top conferences in their specialties so that they are always learning from the best.

 “LHT is flexible and adaptable; they always go above and beyond to make sure we are 110% satisfied with a deliverable or project.”

Schedule a demo today and we can show you why partnering with an award-winning training company like LHT Group will increase your overall training program effectiveness.

By LHT Learning
| May 8, 2015