Employees Won’t Remember What You Teach Them Once

17 repetitions? 20 hours? How long does it take you to learn a new skill? Regardless of your answer, it’s certainly not going to be, “Once.” Yet, organizations repeatedly expect employees to retain new information or apply new behaviors after a single learning event.

Quality learning experiences that include scenario-based learning, gamification, and meaningful interactions produce tangible results. By themselves though, they are not enough. A message needs to be repeated multiple times to embed the information into employees long-term memory and natural behavior patterns. Often referred to as spaced learning, this approach presents learners with the same information, in different ways, over a specific period of time. 

We have helped many of our clients create strategic learning programs that include an impactful learning experience, followed up by timed supplemental training and communication efforts. We can often re-purpose custom eLearning content, infographics and videos to create new delivery methods for the audience. For example, for a recent healthcare client we created a comprehensive learning strategy that included re-using components of custom compliance eLearning into internal email campaigns, web-based compliance comic strips, print and digital policy one-pagers and even video screen messaging within their office building. 

How have you used the spaced learning concept in your organization? What’s worked and what hasn’t? Leave us a comment and let us know!

By LHT Learning
| September 24, 2019