Healthcare profesional taking a healthcare compliance training course


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Get world-class healthcare compliance training that's understandable and actionable.

Healthcare profesional taking a healthcare compliance training course

Mitigate Healthcare risk


Distill complex legal and regulatory information


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Illustration showing a doctor being walked through a healthcare compliance course

Healthcare Compliance is thorny

Complying with complex laws and evolving regulations is critical to high-quality products, services, and care. But it’s complicated. Without the right tools and resources, your employees risk falling short of the compliance standards, exposing your company to legal battles, financial penalties, and more.

Cutting Edge Compliance Training

Healthcare Compliance is complex, but learning it doesn’t have to be. With our proven compliance training solutions, we help your teams expertly navigate federal and state laws, company policies, and industry guidance.


Create memorable
learning experiences


Do away with ineffective, "off-the-shelf" training


Keep employees up-to-date on compliance guidelines


Uphold your company's reputation

The LHT Way

Three easy steps to enhanced compliance.


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Become the confident architect behind your company’s winning digital learning. Watch as your training fuels your team’s success.

Here is what our clients are saying:

Healthcare compliance training should be effective and engaging

Too many companies lack the resources and industry knowledge to develop effective compliance training for their employees.

At LHT Learning, we understand the immense pressure of trying to educate large teams on volumes of technical information and not having the resources to instruct them effectively. LHT Learning can help you overcome these challenges.

We work with you to understand your unique compliance needs and translate crucial regulatory and legal information in a way that’s easy for your teams to understand and act on. We partner with you to take your compliance training from intimidating to intelligible, so you can focus on building innovative solutions for the customers you support.

The Seven Elements of Compliance Engagement