How Often is Compliance Training Required?

Compliance training is required at least annually. It’s a critical element of an effective compliance program and is even listed as a core responsibility of a healthcare compliance officer. Compliance training spans industries – healthcare, energy, finance, quality, EHS, and more – as it is critical to lawful business conduct and quality products and services. It is often created as a cross-functional effort between human resources, compliance, legal, and training teams. Compliance training may include information related to a company’s code of conduct, company policies and guidance documents, or federal and state laws or agreements. The key to compliance training effectiveness, though, is in interpreting this often complicated and lengthy information into meaningful employee insights and defined behaviors. 

Compliance training content provides the most value when it is personalized and driven by specific scenarios that your employees face each day. Compliance training, while required annually, should be supplemented by effective and periodic communication, another element of an effective compliance program. Annual compliance training and spaced compliance learning initiatives throughout the year keep compliance top of mind and help your employees achieve business results ethically and lawfully.

By LHT Learning
| November 26, 2019