Inserting AS2 Flash Files in iSpring


Having troubles with ActionScript 2 Flash files when publishing from PowerPoint via iSpring? There’s a simple solution to successfully insert the interactions into your iSpring eLearning course.

Once in iSpring authoring tool, just follow these easy steps:
1) Select “Publish” under the menu/ ribbon item
2) Go to the “General” tab (should be first)
3) Then navigate to the “Player Template” drop-down list, which defaults to “Streamline (AS3)”

iSpring Publish Menu

4) If you’re not using ActionScript 3 (AS3), you might be experience problems
5)Select one of the eLearning templates without AS3 (e.g., Classic, Advanced Matte)

iSpring Player Template








That’s it. So simple!

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By LHT Learning
| November 8, 2012