Integrating eLearning Audio and Sounds

eLearning Audio

Integrating eLearning audio and sounds is a key part of any good training program. As DIY eLearning mentioned in the Top 8 eLearning Audio Considerations, sounds can help engage users, increase material retention, and break-up long learning sessions.

But what are some of the best sounds out? Delighted you asked!Here are few of our favorite eLearning audio samples from

  1. Ticking Clock – Nearly every eLearning course can use a ticking clock. Great way to emphasis sense of urgency when timing students for quizzes, solving puzzles, or just choosing the next course section. 5 Second Ticking
  2. Correct Answer – Positive reinforcement is smart, particularly in the audio sense. Checkout these two eLearning audio samples that work for most correct answers. “That is correct!” Correct Answer 1, Correct Answer 2
  3. Incorrect Answer – Sometime you have to let them know it is wrong. Audio sounds can help ensure participants know the incorrect answers. “That may no be the best choice,” Incorrect Answer 2, Incorrect Answer 3
  4. Pop-ups – Creating informational pop-up boxes can add an engaging dimension to your courses. These sounds help users identify that the boxes or thought bubbles are a key element. Pop-up Sound
  5. Video Games — Millennial’s are a generation raised on video games, so why not use video game sounds? Here is several that build a creative and engaging learning experience. 8 Bit Bounce Sound, 8 Bit Button, 8 Bit Motorcycle, Also, checkout this video that pulls them all together! 

Collectively, the above hopes to provide a general intro to the eLearning Audio world. Got other sounds you like to use? Drop us a line!

By LHT Learning
| July 2, 2013