LHT Learning to Lead Key Sessions at LearnShare’s 2013 User Conference


Ben and Dan are set for sunny 80 degree weather, “Florida Casual,” and to lead key sessions at the 2013 Learning Management System User Conference by LearnShare.

In addition to setting the stage for new training solutions, Dan Longhouse will lead key session, “Training for Product Support and Sales.” The session will cover how different companies use the LearnShare platform to train external audiences throughout the world.

Panel of experts include:

  1. Dana Skinner, Biomet’s LMS Sales Training Coordinator
  2. David Hipsley, Orkin/Rollins’ Manager of Learning Technology
  3. Jason Gilmore, Valvoline’s Senior Learning and Performance Manager

Ben Palchick will also moderate an important session, “Rolling it Out Right.” This forum will discuss implementation case studies for major training initiatives to highly distributed workforces. Presenters will discuss challenges, lessons learned, and key success.

Panel of experts include:

  1. Sarah Wormwood, Johns Hopkins University’s Program Manager
  2. Herb Hubert, Biomet’s Manager of Learning and Development
  3. Tonita Espinosa-Young, Johns Manville’s Enterprise Data Steward

While you’re there, be sure to checkout The LHT Group at these other great discussion:

  • Reporting in a Perfect World — Get the most out of LearnShare’s reporting functionality. Learn how companies are “pushing the envelope” to deliver meaningful reports and related analysis. Panelists will share reporting challenges and solutions, as well as specific examples.
  • Social Learning: Its Time Is Now — During this session, you’ll learn how to use LearnShare Social to bring learning innovation to your organization. Case studies will focus on how social-based learning harnesses internal expertise and fosters information sharing.
  • Integrating Learning into the Lifecycle of the Enterprise — Presenting the Learning Growth Model, a five-stage model that illustrates the best-practice path of an evolving corporate training strategy. The model illustrates how to incorporate the now-available variety of learning options, when and where to implement informal learning.
  • More Than a Pretty Face: Why Your User Interface Matters — You’ll have the opportunity to view a range of user interfaces and discuss the design rationale and benefits behind each.
  • Tin Can and What It Means for You — Learn how to use this recent enhancement to manage and track a wide range of learning resources. If you’re interested in bringing mobile learning or “disconnected” learning to your organization, you’ll want to attend this session.
  • Revenue-Generating Training — Learn how companies are using the LearnShare platform to sell training to partners, resellers, and other external audiences.

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By LHT Learning
| October 12, 2013