LHT Grows eLearning Programming, Mobile, Gamification Expertise

The LHT Group welcomes Brian Orchosky! Brian brings new perspective, energy and lots of eLearning programming and gamification knowledge.

Brian’s day-to-day include programming eLearning interactions, gamification design, and  web development. As Brian put it simply, “I do lots of programming, no doubt.”

Welcome, Brian!

In addition to Brian’s excellent technical focus, he believes helping organizations succeed is the most rewarding job benefit. “That’s a certain type of job fulfillment that isn’t usually there in, say, game development,” said Orchosky. “I really like the opportunity to help companies train their employees to do well.”

In college, Brian was an active member of multiple organizations. Comically, Orchosky said, “I sometimes joked that my plan to insert myself into every student organization was going great.” In fact, Brian held three positions–president, webmaster, and scribe–for Ohio State’s Game Creation club.

In the future, Orchosky hopes to become equally involved professionally. Presently, Brian is focused on multiple personal goals–not surprising after an engaged college career. “My real goal is to become more independent, which encompasses a lot of smaller goals.” Orchosky noted that he would like to continue his work in game development and hopes–one day–to create his own games.

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By LHT Learning
| September 16, 2014