Marking a Storyline Course Complete with JavaScript on an LMS

Storyline Tips and Tricks

Authors: James Heiliger & Wei-Cheng Tang

So you’ve created a Storyline file with no Final Test. However, your course contains slides that the user may or may not ever go to (e.g., a Help slide, branching slides that are optional). This makes using the minimum number of pages viewed option when publishing a bit tricky to reliably and consistently obtain course completion on an LMS.

Fortunately, you can use a simple line of JavaScript code to mark the course as complete.

  1. On the page of the course where you want the course to mark as complete (usually the last page of content), create a trigger to Execute JavaScript. This trigger can be applied to when a button is clicked, when the slide timeline starts, etc.
  2. Click the icon next to Script and enter this text in the popup window:
  3. In this example, when Button 1 is clicked the course will mark as complete.
  4. When you publish for an LMS, click on the Reporting and Tracking button.
  5. In the Reporting tab under “LMS Reporting,” set the drop-down list “Report status LMS as” to:Completed/Incomplete
  6. In the Tracking tab, select “Track using number of slices viewed” and set “Minimum number of slides viewed to complete:” to the maximum number slides available.
  7. You can now publish your LMS package. This will work for AICC and SCORM (1.2 and 2004)
By LHT Learning
| April 1, 2015