Multifaceted Topic Requires Inventive Solution: Healthcare Conflicts of Interest Video Training

Conflicts of Interest Training

Conflicts of Interest Training

Conflicts of interest in business are often more complex than they appear. A recent healthcare client needed a way to explain conflicts of interest considerations for their research and development teams.


The conflict of interest policy presented nuances and intricacies for consideration when evaluating a specific situation for potential conflicts of interest. A long, drawn-out presentation discussing these details wasn’t going to cut it though. The team needed a way to bring the information to life; a way to help their teams make the connection between policy requirements and day-to-day working relationships.


Our learning consultants and visual designers worked with the client on a variety of scenario-driven animated video concepts. They zeroed in on a concept that emphasized individual conscience in determining right from wrong and considering the big picture.


Teams partnered to ensure critical conflict of interest details were captured alongside an engaging and relatable scenario. The result? An award-winning, three-minute animated video that helps client teams better understand their role in identifying and assessing situations. Ultimately, decreasing compliance risk and improving important research.    

By LHT Learning
| November 9, 2021