Team Members Wearing Multiple Hats? How eLearning Can Help

Shrinking budgets and expanding roles result in employees with many jobs and responsibilities. Targeted eLearning can help employees identify priorities and accomplish more, with less (time, money, people).

Company X has nine marketing analysts and three project managers. Budgets are cut, and project managers are let go. The analysts now need to manage their own projects.

How do you get each analyst to manage projects similarly? How do you avoid overwhelming them?

Consider a microlearning (5 minute or less eLearning) course explaining the primary components of their project plans and how to keep them up-to-date. Perhaps a follow-up microlearning course is added that allows the analyst to practice creating a project plan from a template and adjusting dates and deliverables based on mock client requests.

Thoughtful microlearning training programs could alleviate analyst uncertainty and serve as a readily-available reference tool.

Company Y supports entrepreneurial grant funding across multiple U.S. regions. Consistent processes do not exist, and two of the six team members are taking maternity leave at the same time in a few months. Without the ability to hire temporary staff, the team will have to stretch resources.

How do you know who is going to do what? What regional-specific differences need to be accounted for?

Consider a 15-minute eLearning course that outlines the full grant funding process, along with regional-specific call-outs and guidance. Repeat key steps with visual process flows. Use knowledge checks to confirm frequently overlooked process details. Create a digital, supplemental PDF resource that identifies which team members are responsible for specific projects and actions during this time.

By creating meaningful eLearning, processes are often standardized, and differences are identified and discussed.

Wearing multiple hats is not a new concept. It is a concept that is magnified during times of stress, though. The right digital training format, created with the user in mind, and deployed at the right time, helps alleviate the inevitable initial uncomfortableness that comes with the thought of doing more work with less.

By LHT Learning
| April 15, 2020