Why Emailing a PowerPoint Won’t Work

You had the perfect new hire training prepared. Your PowerPoint slides contained just the right amount of text and fly-in animations. The in-office classroom had the projector and round-tables ready. Then, a pandemic happened.

Your new hires still start next week, albeit remotely. Take a moment to pause, though, before you hit “Send” on that email with the PowerPoint training attached.

Even if every new hire opens the training attachment and reads each slide, will they understand the information?

Will their quick clicks of the slides help them internalize your company values?

Will they know what they are expected to do?

Without your context and explanation, the answer is a firm, “No.”

A slide-based presentation format, like PowerPoint, is a valuable tool for presenting information. It’s just that, though, a tool. Without the support of an instructor discussing concepts, adding examples, and prompting questions, it loses meaning.

With a few tweaks, that same presentation can become relevant and impactful. Consider using virtual instructor-led training (ILT) or rapid eLearning to connect with your new hires. Virtual ILT or rapid eLearning can be created in a few days or weeks. It will help your employees better understand the training material and act on it in meaningful ways.

By LHT Learning
| March 31, 2020