eLearning, Weapons, and New Sound Effects!

Check out Soundsmack’s new sound effects for eLearning and Weapon sounds. Soundsmack is an easy to use sound library of music and sound effects.

Unlike other sites, Soundsmack does not publish user-submitted content and has been used by top companies such as Facebook, Starbucks, Adobe, abc, and JPmorganChase just to name a few. These companies know that every single note is created in professional studios by audio engineers with years of experience and then packaged in the most versatile digital file formats (MP3 and WAV).

Recently, Soundsmack assembled two new sound effect sets to enhance whatever project you’re developing. Here’s what they’ve got:

eLearning Sounds from Soundsmack

eLearning Sounds – eLearning sounds, sound effects, and background music that can be used for eLearning courses, DVDs, and other training. Insert directly into standard authoring tools such as Lectora, Adobe Captivate, Presenter, Storyline, Articulate and any other software.

  1. Button Clicks
  2. Correct and Incorrect Feedback
  3. Rollovers and Mouseovers
  4. Voice over (Spanish, English)
  5. and many others!

Weapon Sounds from Soundsmack

Weapon Sounds – Weapon sound effects include all your standard gun sound effects, explosions, battering rams and many others. Choose from the high quality sounds below to get started.

  1. Canons and Guns
  2. Explosions and Glass Breaking
  3. Buildings Tumbling
  4. Battering Rams
  5. and many others!

Too busy to search for sounds? Soundsmack will shop for you! Just email them the sounds you need and they’ll do the work. If we don’t have a sound you need, they’ll create it. That’s customer service!Стоп-словареклама adwords seo специалист с нуляатрибуты alt и title для картинокгоглепрезентацияtrans siberialvbshowobjectiv.tvтерритории брендингдетские позы йогитри

By LHT Learning
| September 24, 2013