Channel Partner Training Certification Program

Business Challenge

The world’s leading supplier of premium lubricants and automotive services operates through a wide-variety of marketing channels. Historically, this organization’s training was ad hoc and inconsistent. They engaged LHT to create a unified approach to products and services training and track their success.

A custom and versatile learning solution

LHT Learning Solution

LHT Learning designed and developed a custom, blended-learning approach that includes a variety of asynchronous and experiential learning components, including:

Online Learning

Instructor-Led Learning

Hands-On Practice

Assessments & Certification

Personalized training with added performance support incentive, and recognition.

Going above and beyond, for better learning


Training participants enjoy the combination of eLearning, instructor-led training and hands-on experience. They are highly engaged and absorbing knowledge to apply in their day-to-day roles.

Details that Make a Difference

Microlearning, Animation, and Gamification

LHT Learning re-designed the organization’s existing eLearning courses to meet the needs of the modern learner and the demands of a busy, geographically distributed salesforce. The new 2- to 5-minute mini-modules use video, animation, and simple gamification to engage channel partners and increase retention.

Sellers are now able to easily build foundational knowledge of products, services, and selling processes anytime, anywhere, using their mobile phones.

The online learning serves as just-in-time performance support that gives sellers just what they need, when they need it.