Healthcare Compliance Training

Business Challenge

One of the world’s largest healthcare companies, with over 130,000 employees, had a compliance agreement with the U.S. federal government that required extensive compliance training.

The organization needed a way to make its Corporate Integrity Agreement training more effective and engaging. Their goal was to enable employees to apply compliance concepts in their day-to-day jobs.

The healthcare compliance team engaged LHT to take on this challenge based on our extensive experience in healthcare compliance training and cutting-edge eLearning techniques.

A custom and versatile learning solution

Corporate Integrity Agreement Training Solution

Our expert healthcare compliance training consultants created targeted content recommendations. Then they worked with graphics and development teams to craft unique interactions, mapping specific knowledge gaps to desired behavior.

Training content, including infographics and video elements, were made to be reusable. This served as post-training performance support.

Simple navigation

Bold colors

Modern and intuitive interfaces

Going above and beyond, for better learning


The Corporate Integrity Agreement training exceeded federal government training standards and became a hallmark of the compliance department. It used a micro-module format, so content was time-efficient, easily digested, and encouraged application and retention. Thousands of employees completed the training with positive outcomes.

The training exceeded expectations of U.S federal training standards, the compliance and legal teams, and became a hallmark of the compliance department.