Medical Copy Review Training

Business Challenge

A global healthcare company needed sustainable medical copy review training for over 1,200 employees. Their goal was to provide consistent yet tailored messages to unique job roles.

LHT Learning was “all in”! Working with LHT doesn’t feel like a client/customer conversation, it feels like a partnership.


More memorable and more efficient than instructor-led training

Medical Copy Review Training Solution

LHT Learning designed and developed custom eLearning that branched into distinct job role learning paths. The training included a detailed, virtual process flow of the review process.

Training increased productivity and performance!

The custom medical copy review eLearning exceeded client expectations. Medical process training, role-specific training, and systems training combine in an engaging and pragmatic way. Employees no longer require medical copy review process or system assistance or additional training. Tasks are completed with fewer questions to their call center—increasing productivity and performance.

A sustainable eLearning solution for unique job roles.

Details that Make a Difference

True partnership and meaningful results

LHT Learning medical learning consultants created a sustainable training program that requires little maintenance or changes. Complex information was simplified in an easy-to-understand format that produced real business results.