New Hire Compliance Training

Business Challenge

A new U.S. Healthcare Compliance (HCC) team for a global healthcare company wanted a blended compliance training curriculum to complement their evolving new hire compliance training program. To start, they needed a fresh approach to instructor-led, new hire compliance training.

Their existing live compliance training was lengthy and competed for attention alongside other new hire training courses. The U.S. HCC team wanted:

  • A solution that would stand out in the crowd,
  • To deliver important compliance concepts in an exciting way, and
  • To position their team as a trusted business partner.

“HCC learning solutions that resonate.”



Client Testimony

“I contracted with LHT Learning to build out the US Healthcare Compliance (HCC) learning program for Celgene. Our goal was to implement a strategic targeted role-based learning curriculum that not only provided the right balance of learning (foundational and just-in-time), but also allowed our U.S. HCC team to brand ourselves as a collaborative strategic partner to several functions across the organization.

The result was a 2-year strategic plan and roadmap that outlined several high risk topic areas and multiple learning modalities to drive risk mitigation.

Our flagship learning course was the US HCC 101 Overview that all new hires received when coming into the organization, and this course set the appropriate tone not only for the HCC team, but for Celgene overall as a organization that valued compliance as a strategic differentiator.

LHT Learning brings a tremendous blend of HCC subject matter expertise together with an extremely creative and instructionally sound approach to learning development. The result are learning solutions that resonate.”

A variety of visually engaging interactions, animated videos, and relatable scenarios—including featured characters based on members of the HCC team


Interactive graphics and videos bring scenarios to life

LHT Learning Solution

LHT Learning expert Healthcare Compliance training consultants collaborated with the HCC team to create a lively, unique “Compliance 101” eLearning course that presented an overview of key compliance concepts in about 30 minutes, using a variety of visually engaging interactions, animated videos, and relatable scenarios—including featured characters based on members of the HCC team.

Decrease in training time + Increase in content application


Compliance 101 revitalized the HCC new hire compliance training! New hires found it engaging and useful.

The U.S. HCC team cut down their live new hire presentation by 75% and used that time to interact with the audience through Q&A and role-play rather than presenting a long compliance training lecture.

New hire compliance training became engaging and useful

Details that Make a Difference

Compliance Training that Produces Results

“Engaging” and “compliance training” aren’t usually found in the same sentence—but LHT Learning finds ways to make it happen. Complex compliance training becomes creative, memorable, and produces results!