AEP Principles of Business Conduct

The Mission

With the latest redesign, AEP compliance leadership wanted to get away from the highly illustrated, comic book look of the previous versions of this course. This, while still retaining a high level of interactivity and visual interest to retain the attention of employees. The Principles of Business Conduct booklet had been redesigned and rebranded, so the team wanted that branding to carry through to the course. And, if possible, even simulate flipping through the booklet and having each page “come to life”.

Our Approach

We collaborated heavily with the AEP team to transform the overall look of the course to be reflective of the actual Principles of Business Conduct brochure. Page turning and pop-up effects simulate flipping through a booklet and having content literally pop off the page. Various video treatments and interactive elements were constant throughout the course to continue the level of engagement employees have come to expect from this compliance training.

Animated videos and interactions were incorporated to bring the scenarios in the course to life.