3 Things You Need to Get Started with Rapid eLearning

Do you have a suddenly remote workforce? Your instructor-led training and live events can still take place through rapid eLearning and virtual training.

Watch this 90-second video to learn how to accelerate quick and effective rapid eLearning conversions.

Remote learning can help ease the transition to achieving business results from a distance. Rapid eLearning quickly re-purposes existing materials, streamlines information, and creates meaningful remote training and communication in a few days or weeks.

With an unexpectedly remote team, your training needs and delivery models must quickly evolve. Consider your previously office-based new hire compliance training, sales incentive training, or healthcare process and systems training. What do virtual versions of these programs look like and how can they be effective?

Remote work relies on proactive and frequent communication. Digital training and communication can help facilitate information delivery and intended action. You can quickly take existing presentations, training sessions, or documents and break them down into easy-to-understand blocks. This is then delivered in a digital format that will resonate with your team members.

By LHT Learning
| March 26, 2020