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Battelle Portal Case Study

new hiresIn today’s market, turnover is inevitable. Actually, Dr. John Sullivan (AKA “The Michael Jordan of Hiring”—@Fastcompany) found that voluntary turnover is a sign of strong organizational goals, as well as highly desired and motivated employees.

So, in an era when the only thing constant is change, how do you preserve brand, culture, and institutional memory? Simple: Good onboarding with eLearning Portals.

New employees are a very specific audience that need engaged early. eLearning Portals hold a unique opportunity to package all the tools and resources they need in one easy-to-access location that’s always handy. What’s more, the digital format allows managers to ensure new teammates have a consistent learning experience—something most organizations cannot guarantee.

Below are the top five reasons to implement eLearning Portals:

  1. Increases Material Retention: Dynamic interactions consistently show to captivate users and stimulate higher information memorization. eLearning Portals capitalize on proven learning methods while specifically delivering your company’s message.
  2. Engages Organization Leaders: Many times, organizational vision is lost in middle management. However, with eLearning Portals, all levels of leadership can join in creating one, simplified program that delivers an unfiltered message.
  3. Fast and Efficient: On-boarding is all about getting new members adjusted as quickly as possible. eLearning Portals allow employees to start learning hand-tailored information the very first hour on the job; sometimes, even before. Further, new developments in mobile eLearning can make Portals accessible anytime AND anywhere.
  4. Easy to Update: Once the framework is set, new details can be easily added. For instance, let’s say new federal legislation requires additional safety measures. With an eLearning Portal, you can simply rework existing modules, and redeploy. The old style would have required significant investment in retraining HR, lost productivity, reprinting materials, shipping costs, etc.
  5. First Impressions are EVERYTHING: You can bet that new employee is going to work day and night to astound his or her new boss—so why not do the same? A well-developed training program demonstrates how committed you are to employees’ success, which adds even more motivation for them to start contributing immediately.

Clearly, a well-polished onboarding process will welcome new hires and allow them to hit the ground running. You will notice a positive ROI directly that will undoubtedly continue long-term.

So, why are you waiting? Contact us today, and get started building a more intelligent workforce tomorrow.

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By LHT Learning
| August 21, 2012