Strong Code of Ethical Conduct Training: A Client Story

code of ethical conduct

Code of Ethical Conduct Training in Practice: A Client Story (Code of Conduct Series Part 3 of 3) In our Code of Conduct series, we’ve taken you through creating your code of conduct as well as adapting it into an effective training program. Now, for the final addition to our series, we’re going to show you what effective […]

Gamification Solution Part 2 of 3: Is Gamification Right For Your Organization?

Gamification Intrinsic Motivation

by Lily Zimmerman, Instructional Designer Sure, in theory gamification sounds like a great solution, but how do you know if it’s the right solution for your organization? Gamification is a new and innovative tool that can be a powerful part of a learning experience, but it’s not a solution that you can just casually slap on and […]