LHT Grows eLearning Programming, Mobile, Gamification Expertise

The LHT Group welcomes Brian Orchosky! Brian brings new perspective, energy and lots of eLearning programming and gamification knowledge. Brian’s day-to-day include programming eLearning interactions, gamification design, and  web development. As Brian put it simply, “I do lots of programming, no doubt.”

The Mobile Tipping Point

Mobile Learning HTML5

Mobile devices are everywhere, yet many eLearning strategies are still lagging behind. According to Google, nearly 80 percent of the global population has a mobile phone and we’ve already discussed the Seven Benefits to mLearning. So the question remains, “why are mLearning projects still not a major trend?”

7 Benefits to mLearning

Battelle Portal Case Study

Today’s mobilized workforce is fundamentally changing everything—including eLearning. Three out of Five employees say they do not need an office to get things done. What’s more, 70 percent of mobile workers ages 22-34 use tablets.