Marking a Storyline Course Complete with JavaScript on an LMS

Storyline Tips and Tricks

Authors: James Heiliger & Wei-Cheng Tang So you’ve created a Storyline file with no Final Test. However, your course contains slides that the user may or may not ever go to (e.g., a Help slide, branching slides that are optional). This makes using the minimum number of pages viewed option when publishing a bit tricky […]

The Whiteboard Video Approach

Sometimes a much simpler and straightforward approach to a project can be the most powerful and meaningful. We’re always looking to deliver information in new and exciting ways. We’ve learned that a Whiteboard presentation (with a twist) can be fun, stylistic and very effectual.

Top-Five Reasons to Attend the 2012 Adobe Learning Summit

Adobe’s Learning Summit is shaping-up to be the best ever. With a special opening keynote from Newsweek’s Tech Columnist, Dan Lyons, centered on the “So-Mo Revolution,” to industry-leading presenters like Dr. Allen Partridge, Adobe’s Learn Summit is sure to be jammed-packed with inspirational wisdom. Also, don’t forget to