Top 100 Healthcare Compliance Topics

healthcare compliance topics

Healthcare compliance topics encompass a wide range of legal and ethical areas of focus as they apply to healthcare organizations. The practice of HCC is part of an organization’s governance, risk management, and compliance efforts (GRC). A variety of federal and state governmental organizations regulate healthcare compliance topics, including DEA, FDA, HCC and OIG. 

Top 100 HCC Topics 

HCC topics are both broad and deep. Here are the top 100 healthcare compliance topics we’ve helped pharmaceutical and medical device companies create training for.

  1. Adverse Events and Product Complaints 
  2. Advisory Boards 
  3. Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery
  4. Anti-Kickback Statute 
  5. Auditing and Monitoring 
  6. Business Meals 
  7. Charitable Donations (Company and Personal) 
  8. Clinical Research 
  9. Code of Conduct 
  10. Commercial Contracts
  11. Company-Sponsored Research 
  12. Competition Law
  13. Compliance Investigations
  14. Compliant Communications 
  15. Conduct at Conventions 
  16. Conflicts of Interest (Employee) 
  17. Conflicts of Interest with HCPs, including R&D Conflicts of Interest
  18. Congress and Symposium
  19. Consulting Arrangements 
  20. Corporate Responsibility 
  21. Coupons
  22. Credentialing
  23. Cross-Border Interactions
  24. Customer Targeting 
  25. Data Protection 
  26. Direct to Consumer (DTC) Messaging and Interactions 
  27. Disciplinary Action 
  28. Disclosures and Standards of Conduct 
  29. Diversity
  30. Document Management and Retention 
  31. Donations
  32. Due Diligence 
  33. Educational Activities and Grants 
  34. Educational Items 
  35. Entertainment
  36. Environmental Health and Safety 
  37. Ethical Behavior 
  38. Ethics Hotline 
  39. Expense Reports 
  40. Fair Market Value
  41. False Claims Act 
  42. Federal Transparency 
  43. Fee for Service Arrangements 
  44. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 
  45. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  46. Foundations of Compliance 
  47. GDPR
  48. Global Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery 
  49. Global Trade
  50. Government Advocacy and Political Activities 
  51. Government Contract and Pricing Compliance 
  52. Government Interactions
  53. Government Officials
  54. Grants
  55. HCC Exceptions
  56. HCP Hospitality and Travel
  57. HCP Interactions
  58. HIPAA
  59. Insider Trading 
  60. Interactions with Patients, Caregivers, and Patient Organizations
  61. Investigator Initiated Studies
  62. Investigator Interactions
  63. Issue Escalation 
  64. Joint Interactions with Population Health Decision Makers 
  65. Managing Compliance Concerns 
  66. Market Research 
  67. Medical Information Requests 
  68. Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Interactions 
  69. MLR Review
  70. Off-Label Promotion 
  71. Patient Advocacy and Patient Groups 
  72. Patient Support Programs 
  73. Planning, Targeting, and Incentive Compensation
  74. Pre-Approval Promotional Activities 
  75. Prescription Drug Marketing Act 
  76. Pricing, Contracting, and Discounts 
  77. Privacy
  78. Product Training 
  79. Promotional Activities
  80. Publications: Authorship and Content 
  81. Reimbursement Assistance 
  82. Reporting Concerns 
  83. Requests for Funding 
  84. Risk Assessment
  85. Risk Management 
  86. Sales Compensation and Rewards 
  87. Samples and Free Goods 
  88. Scientific Discussion and Exchange 
  89. Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program 
  90. Sexual Harassment 
  91. Social Media
  92. Speaker Programs 
  93. Sponsorships
  94. State Transparency 
  95. Supplier Diversity 
  96. Third-Party Intermediaries and Distributor Interactions
  97. Trade Compliance 
  98. Unsolicited Requests for Medical Information 
  99. Use of Company Assets
  100. Value Transfers

Healthcare Compliance Experts + Training Experts

Effective HCC training requires a partner with healthcare compliance topic expertise, alongside top-tier training expertise. Our team of dedicated healthcare compliance learning consultants have helped pharmaceutical and medical device companies guide employee behavior in each of the top 100 HCC topic areas. See how.

By LHT Learning
| February 8, 2022