Training Simulation For Customer Relations Oil Change

Training Simulation

Training Simulation

Unlike other training where processes are taught one step at a time, a recent oil and gas client worked with us to create a challenging training simulation.


The training simulation was part of a comprehensive technician support program that included instructor-led and hands-on training. The in-person training was completed prior to the training simulation, allowing the simulation to provide a real-world challenge. The learner was tested on their recall and recognition of items they learned in the hands-on training.


The training simulation:

  • Served as realistic practice before interacting with customers
  • Reviewed critical safety measures
  • Reinforced key concepts introduced in the hands-on training


The eLearning itself included a detailed replica of the on-the-job work environment. From lifelike  illustrations and imagery of engine components and repair tools to realistic placement of stock and supplies, leaners could easily imagine themselves there.


In the simulation, learners were challenged to perform a specific service, in the right order, using the right tools. It allowed learners to practice independently, then try and possibly fail real-world challenges.


Participants enjoy the thoughtful learning experience of beginning with an in-person learning experience, followed by training simulation where they are able to practice knowledge and skills, and finally on-the-job learning in which they feel confident and successful in their ability to help customers. The success of this project is shown in client learner feedback, but it also won an award for its unique and realistic training simulation design.

By LHT Learning
| November 15, 2021