Valvoline Instant Oil Change is one of the BEST for Training

Congratulations are due for a THIRD TIME to Valvoline Instant Oil Change! For the second year in a row, VIOC is a finalist for ASTD BEST award based on outstanding employee trainings. This is in addition to VIOC achieving the prestigious top level training certification only months earlier.

With more than a half-decade of collaboration, The LHT Group is excited for VIOC’s recognition by the world’s largest professional training associations dedicated to workplace learning and development. Since 1945, the American Society for Training & Development has been dedicated to “[empowering] professionals to develop knowledge and skills successfully.” More than 100 countries connect locally in more than 120 U.S. ASTD chapters as well as 16 international partners.
Here are three different ways The LHT group has worked VIOC:

  1. Customer Service – With over 825 franchised and corporate locations across the country, managing a dependable and quality customer service experience can not only be challenging, but potentially costly. Using custom built online trainings helps VIOC create a consistent training experience regardless of location.
  2. Product Training – Throughout VIOC’s 25 years of excellence, they have developed a wide variety of products and services. While this is great for customers, VIOC must ensure each employee is an expert on each.
  3. System Training – When you are a top company like VIOC, you have lots of custom technology and mechanical systems. Given the unique nature, systems training for employees are a must for efficient and effective use. Custom eLearning modules help VIOC’s employees get initial on the job training and stay updated on new advancements.

Clearly, Valvoline Instant Oil Change is among the BEST (pun intended) and a heartfelt congratulations!

By LHT Learning
| September 17, 2013