4 Ways Microlearning Can Enhance Your Business’ Training Methods

Microlearning is a learning method that breaks down information and training into bite-sized content for learners and presents it in a quick and engaging format. The small, easily digestible learning components help employees take in new or reinforce old material in a convenient and efficient way.

By keeping it short and simple, microlearning is quickly becoming an ideal training method for organizations. 


4 Ways Microlearning Can Enhance Your Organization’s Training Methods

Whether it’s onboarding a new employee, updating existing policies and procedures, or upskilling a current team, microlearning has the ability to transform the approach and delivery of training. But how exactly can microlearning enhance your organization’s training methods?


  1. Provides Immediate Results with Long-Term Retention
  2. Integrates with Many Learning Formats
  3. Keeps Up with the Modern Workplace
  4. Stays Within Budget

It Provides Immediate Results with Long-Term Retention

When it comes to effectively reinforcing training or closing a knowledge gap, microlearning is ideal. Since microlearning courses are short and offer a narrow focus on one topic or skill, usually with one or two specific outcome goals in mind, learners can quickly process and implement the knowledge accordingly. 

The condensed nature of microlearning modules also improves focus and supports long-term retention. People can only process limited amounts of information at a time. Studies on the Forgetting Curve have shown that 30 days after an initial training event, learners can forget up to 90% of what they learned. By incorporating microlearning through supplemental units, having spaced out, smaller repeated learning units, or quizzing learners to strengthen information recall, microlearning can help combat the Forgetting Curve and ensure your training doesn’t go to waste.

Microlearning Integrates with Many Learning Formats

Maintaining and keeping training material up-to-date is vital for organizations. Microlearning makes it easy to keep information relevant and timely in the constantly changing work environment. Microlearning allows for a blended approach to instruction and can easily be incorporated into preexisting content or eLearning courses. 

Microlearning allows learners to access needed information in a multitude of formats. Popular formats include videos, infographics, interactive modules and quizzes, and more. By incorporating the information into these quick and engaging formats, information can be conveyed in a way that’s accessible to all types of learners. 

Training That Keeps Up with the Modern Workforce

The modern workplace is constantly changing. Whether it’s new work policies, technology, or a global pandemic, organizations must change with it. For organizations to evolve, employees have to be informed and trained along the way. Microlearning units can easily fit into the average work day for many employees rather than taking whole days or weeks to train on new technologies, procedures, and topics. With microlearning, the learning modules can change as the world changes around it, saving time and energy while also making sure the most important and relevant knowledge is relayed to employees.

Microlearning content is also compatible with various technologies that are becoming more commonplace in the world of work, such as mobile devices or tablets. This makes it easier to deliver training anywhere, anytime. 

Microlearning Stays Within Budget

Production costs for microlearning tend to be lower than production for other types of courses due to its small and focused nature. Microlearning helps avoid unnecessary training costs, like reprinting training materials, hiring outside instructors, or renting materials and training space. The concise and digital format of microlearning allows for easy and cost-effective updates, making it easier to always have updated and relevant training material. 

Microlearning is quickly becoming a popular training method in the modern workplace. Whether your organization is looking for ways to modify or enhance current training materials, meet learners where they’re at by incorporating new formats, or breaking new information into digestible units, microlearning can help. 

By LHT Learning
| January 26, 2022