What is Social Media Compliance?

What Is Social Media Compliance and Why You Need to Train On It Now

What is Social Media Compliance?

Social media compliance is the process of making sure that a company’s social media accounts and personal social media accounts of their employees comply with the company’s policies and all laws and regulations within the company’s particular industry.

In short, social media compliance programs help prevent social media fails.

Why Does It Matter?

Imagine your PR team inadvertently posting an offensive Twitter response on the company account.

Or, an employee—in an attempt to self-promote their accomplishments—sharing confidential information over LinkedIn.

Perhaps consider a sales rep promoting uses for a healthcare product not approved for that indication or age group over a Café Pharma public chat?

That is why it matters.

How to Prevent Social Media Compliance Issues

Social media is part of most employee’s personal and professional everyday world.

Providing realistic guidance and the ability to practice in a safe environment is the only way to help prevent compliance issues.

And, a well-thought-out compliance training that creates business impact typically only includes five components.

Great compliance training:

  1. Is digital, easily accessible, and can be completed in 15 minutes or less
  2. Generates (and sustains) interest and demonstrates immediate applicability from
    start to finish.
  3. Explains the “why” behind the company social media compliance policy and
    applicable government or regulatory standards.
  4. Is personalized and helps employees understand their individual stake in adhering to
    social media compliance policies, including consequences of non-compliance.
  5. Allows employees to practice, and potentially fail at, following company social
    media compliance guidelines without real-world consequences.

Two Primary Benefits of Comprehensive Compliance Training

Companies that can effectively train employees on proper social media engagement and achieve compliance across their social channel presence may:

  • Ensure consumer trust through a cohesive brand social presence, and
  • Avoid government or regulatory compliance attention, and their frequently corresponding fines.

Social Media Compliance Training is a Requirement for the Future

Pharmaceutical companies, once resistant to engage in social media altogether due to compliance and regulatory concerns, but are now embracing social media as a way to connect with patients and healthcare providers.

And the pharmaceutical industry isn’t alone. Most industries, regulated by the government or not, are adopting company and employee social media compliance standards.

Social media compliance training that connects these standards to employee’s everyday use of personal and professional social media will be key to their success.

By LHT Learning
| July 27, 2020