What’s on Our Custom eLearning Plate

The LHT Group is up to some exciting custom eLearning projects. Checkout our list!

Once a month, The LHT Group reviews it’s current custom eLearning projects. Presently, we’ve got everything from new and engaging courses on employee handbooks, to creating health care compliance libraries. We understand that our clients’ needs are unique, so we have a staff that is equally…ehm, special.

Checkout this list of The LHT Group’s top 17 custom eLearning projects:

  1. Employee Handbook Training
  2. Ohio Code of Conduct Course
  3. Supply Chain Transparency Course
  4. Finance and New Manager Orientations
  5. Converting Flash based courses using Storyline
  6. iPad accessible Safety Orientation Videos
  7. Writing and Designing Health Care Compliance Brochure Library
  8. Writing and Designing Government Contract Compliance Guide Book
  9. Corporate Integrity Agreement Training Solution
  10. Illustrating Retail Spaces
  11. Information Security Awareness Course and Game
  12. Automotive Product Training
  13. LMS Implementation
  14. Redesigned a Professional Development Portal for Teachers Grades K-6
  15. Safe Harbor Course
  16. Competition Law Training
  17. Interactive HTML5 Slot Machine Game

What are you up to? Leave us a note!

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By LHT Learning
| April 2, 2013